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Get some fresh eyes!




It is difficult to grasp that the beautiful concept in our head does not always translate to the script.


The characters are either weak, the author does not understand the psychology of story, conflict is irrelevant, characters aren't believable, dialogue is a mess... The list hangs low.

We have read many scripts and written many more. People struggle with similar issues writing a script.

Check out our 'Help Videos' tab under 'Script' to get some free insight into imporving your stories!


We are here to help! From short films to features, a second, third, forth pair of eyes is the most valuable asset to your script's success.

We provide a deep and a highlight analysis.

This is our deep analysis process:

1. After the first read, document initial reactions.

2. Wait for a little while to let the script sink in.

3. Go back to the script and reread it with a pen.

4. Fill out a document called "Script Coverage," which you can preview under "Services" under      the "Scripts" tab.

5. Send you everything we document regarding your script: First impression, notes on the          script, and Script Coverage.

You can send our Script Coverage to companies interested in your script. A good rating from us will encourage them to take a closer look.

If you receive heavy feedback, and maybe even a PASS rating on the Script Coverage, keep trying! This is how we grow as story tellers. We are here to help you. Anyone who returns with a polished script because of our notes will receive a discount.


Check out our services under 'Script' to improve your script now! 


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