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Ready to improve your script? Here's how this works:

There are two options you can choose from: a deep analysis or a highlight analysis.

A deep analysis allows you to experience a full gamut of improvements on your script, from character, character relationships, plot, story development, suggestions, arcs, fulcrums, narrative beats, writing, dialogue, and much much more! We go through your script and literally tear it apart piece by piece. You will know what does not work and why.

A highlight analysis allows you to see the general feel and direction of your script. We briefly go over what does and does not work. If you already are confident in your writing and just need a fresh pair of eyes, this is a great option.

Below are the pricing brackets based on page count. The left price is for the deep analysis and the right is for the highlight analysis.


Upload your script as a PDF in the Dropbox widget provided.


*Example: FOREVER_60_RICHARDS.pdf

We will send an invoice once the coverage is complete.

Script up to 8  pages: $50 | $10 FREE

Script up to 15 pages: $100 | $15 FREE

Script up to 20 pages: $175 | $20 FREE

Script up to 30 pages: $300 | $50

Script up to 45 pages: $400 | $50

Script up to 60 pages: $600 | $50

Script up to 80 pages: $800 | $60

Script up to 100 pages: $1000 | $70

Script up to 120 pages: $1200 | $80

Your stories are protected. We will not steal or share anything you entrust us for evaluation.

You can send parts of a script instead using the table above. Let us know you sent an incomplete script (i.e. the first 20 pages).

You can send as many scripts as you would like, up to 10MB in total size or in separate uploads.

For your highlight analysis, expect a time frame equivalent of 2 pages to 1 day. A 30 page script will need at most 15 days.

For your deep analysis, we want to give you the best notes possible. Expect about a page per day time frame (i.e. an 8 page script allows us to take up to 8 days to get back to you).

In your deep analysis, you will receive from us:

1. Our initial reaction.

2. Our written script notes.

3. A complete Script Coverage (See Script Coverage Preview)

4. Outline of your story in the 8 Turn Structure

In you highlight analysis, you will receive from us:

1. Brief overview of what works well.

2. Brief overview of what needs work.

3. Some suggestions to help future revisions

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