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Make your project stand out with amazing customize music!


Here is the amount of estimated time needed to complete specific lengths of music and pricing:

 - Up to 5 minutes: 1 Week (approx. $250 - $500)

 - 5 to 10 minutes: 2 Weeks (approx. $1,000 - $2,400)

 - 10 to 20 minutes: 3 Weeks (approx. $2,400 - $3,600)

 - 20 to 40 minutes: 6 Weeks (approx. $3,600 - $7,200)

 - 40 to 60 minutes: 8 - 12 Weeks (approx. $7,200 - $14,400)

 - 60 to 80 minutes: 10 - 14 Weeks (approx. $12,000 - $16,800)

 - 80 to 100 minutes: 12 - 16 Weeks (approx. $14,400 - $19,200)

 - 100 to 120 minutes: 14 - 18 Weeks (approx. $16,800 - $21,600)

Remember, every project is different. Please get in contact with us to so we can process your project's needs.

Partial payment options are available.

The prices include your exclusive ownership of the music.


Music empowers the video game experience. Songs from libraries are not always able to touch the core of a gaming sequence, cut scene, cues, main title, etc.

All video games have their specific needs. Please contact us your video game needs and we will work out what is best.

To get the best music for your game, please be ready to provide game play and concept art. We want to make music that fits beautifully with the game you worked so hard for!

Let's make something awesome!


Remember how your favorite movie soundtrack made you feel? Custom film scores push good films to great films.

Music production needs proper time. When planning out your film, please schedule appropriately. The time table to the right is barely exaggerated to prepare for any set backs during production.

Every project is different. Some need less music, some need more music. Please contact us and we will figure out what will work best for you.

FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL keep away from temp track editing! This makes it unbearable to write music unique to your story. Before you find yourself in love with a temp track edit, run far away from it.

When scoring, it is critical to have a project at picture lock. Color correction does not have to be complete. A small edit in the timeline can cost a huge amount of time to fix in the music, which will be costly for you and a head ache for us.

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