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The company we used to sell our music went out of business... Please email us if you wish to use any of our music and we will send an invoice and contract


What is OVA? It stands for Organizing Video and Audio. Just like the name, it is a nifty little program that helps you organize your video and audio into clean folders.

How does it do this? Simply, it reads the name of your files. This little program is focused for film makers but surely anyone can find a use for it!

Example: .wav, or anything else)

The end result would be a file structure based on what was in the name! These will be the files created: Scene001>Shot001>

Isn't that cool? And it comes free with any Zip File you purchase! When you download your Zip File, it will be there waiting for you!

Welcome to the licensing store!

Here is how it works: There are four categories to purchase from: Non-Exlusive, TV/Film, WAV Non-Exlusive, and WAV Exclusive. Let us go over them one by one.

Non-Exlusive: This is your cheapest option. You are provided an .mp3 of the song you purchase. Ideally, this is for online streaming like personal YouTube videos. Even though it is a smaller file size, it is not a professional choice for serious products.

TV/Film: If you plan to have your film broadcasted or shown in a theatrical release, you will need to purchase this along with your category or you will not be granted the rights. This purchase will provide you an .mp3. There is no need to also purchase the Non-Exlusive to get a version of the song. Though we advise purchasing one of the Zip Files with this.

Zip File #1 (WAV & Non-Exclusive): For most uses, this will be your best solution. If you are needing music for Indie Films, Film Festivals, Video Games, Trailers, and Streaming, we strongly suggest this option. Please read the provided contract preview for Non-Exclusive below for more information regarding this category. An .mp3 is provided with this purchase.

Zip File #2 (WAV & Exclusive): Uniqueness is a powerful need for strong projects. This allows you to have the upper edge by owning the exclusive rights to our songs. Please read the provided contract preview for Exclusive below for more information regarding this category. An .mp3 is provided with this purchase.

Are you working on a project that provides royalties? In both Zip categories provides IPI numbers to the artist Joshua Empyre. We are affiliated with BMI.

When purchasing any of these categories, you agree to not sell, distribute, and/or provide to other services or through other services for distribution of the song you purchase, whether paid or free. All this hard work shouldn't be for nothing! :)

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