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Film Scoring Projects

Hunter's End

Director: Ryan Lee Taylor

A short film set in a unique medieval fantasy world, Hunter's End tells the story of Kedrick, a skilled hunter and a loving father. When Kedrick's son is killed by a mysterious beast, he is called into action to keep his family from meeting the same fate.

I Am A Woman Of Change

Director: Linda K. Stout

Sub-Saharan Africa is poised for sweeping change. Educated women are the agents of this change. They are the mothers of a new Africa. This is the story of African girls and how educating them can change everything. 

The women in the film grew up as ordinary girls, struggling with traumas of war, loss of innocence and obstacles of culture. And yet they are now extraordinary women - educated and giving back to their communities.

Broken Bridges

Director: Kelsey Opel

A violin protégé is obsessed with his craft. When the opportunity of a lifetime comes up his dad wants him to pass it up and focus on other things.

Solitary Man

Director: Ryan Lee Taylor

An uncertain young man must travel into the outside world after years of isolation, but not before being confronted by the physical appearance of his inner fears.

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