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We Provide Digital Zoetropes for Wedding Photos!

What is a Digital Zoetrope? It is a collection of all the wedding photos taken in a day and turned into a video collage, just like the original zoetrope. Back in the day, different pictures would be placed side by side inside of a cylinder that would spin. When the view peeked through a thin slit on the side, they would witness what seemed to be movement when each photo passed by.

Every photograph has three or five (or even more) photos to get the right photo that is delivered to the client. Is there a way we could use the other photos instead of throwing them away? Turns out--we can! All the mistakes in the other photos, like blinking, looking away, and camera adjustments, now can be used to make a heartwarming experience.

Would you like a Digital Zoetrope for your wedding? Select our Premium Wedding Package to receive one for your wedding!

In case you were curious, here is what an original zoetrope looked like!


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